Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING




Once you read and click the "I agee button" you will be able to purchase the class

Refund policy:  Refunds will be honored within the first 10 days of purchase under one (1) condition.  You have not gained access to the intellectual property and started to take the class and gone through the lessons plan(s).  All refunds must be prior to taking any portion of the class instruction and/or taking the final examination.  The refund will consist of a $10.00 processing fee which will be deducted from your refund.    If you have any questions about this refund policy please contact us via email at contactus@flccwp.com

This online class is conducted in two (2) phases.  The first phase, which is conducted online, provides the student with all the information needed to understand the rules, regulations and laws to safely and legally carry a concealed weapon/firearm in the State of Florida.  

If you are only taking this course to learn the rules, regulations and laws then CLICK HERE to proceed to the purchase page.  Since you do not want a Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit then you do not need to agree to the live fire exercise portion of this instruction.  

The second phase is conducted at a gun range or any location where you can safely and legally shoot a firearm.  Per Florida State Statute 790.06(2)(h)7, prior to obtaining your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons/Firearms Permit you must demonstrate competency with a firearm.  The statute states, in part, that an instructor must "observed the student safely handle and discharge the firearm in his or her physical presence and that the discharge of the firearm include live fire using a firearm and ammunition".  We obviously cannot satisfy this requirement by sitting behind a computer.  YOU WILL NEED THE SERVICES OF A CERTIFIED FIREARMS INSTRUCTOR TO COMPLETE PHASE 2.   If you reside in Central/East Central Florida, I will personally be able to conduct your live fire exercise. 

For those students that need to qualify you have two options.

(1)  Set up a date and time with me to perform the live fire exercise.  I charge $45.00 for this service.  This service includes my time, range charges, ammunition, target, firearm to borrow if needed, eyes and ear protection.  If you want to fire your own weapon, but it's not a .22, you'll also need to supply your own ammunition which is 12 rounds. 

(2)  Find your own licensed firearms instructor.  I've created a Firearms Qualification Reporting Form (FQRF) that you can take to any firearms instructor who will witness you complete the course of fire.  The course of fire is 12 rounds.  The firearms instructor you use must be certified and they must sign the form.  They will also have the option of being a co-trainer on your certificate.    In most cases the firearms instructor will charge a fee.  The fee is totally up to the firearms instructor and all expenses are absorbed by the student.  I do not take responsibility for the instructor you find or confirm their certification level.  If your license is rejected due to the instructor you found is not valid, you will need to redo the validation process and I will issue another certificate of completion.  

 If you cannot satisfy phase 2 of the training, you cannot be issued a certificate of training.  This certificate is required by the State of Florida before you can apply for your Florida CCWP license. 

By clicking the below "I agree" button I agree to the above requirements listed above to complete phase 2 of this online training course.  Once you click the button you will be forwarded to the enroll page where you will be able to purchase the class.  By clicking the disagree button you are returned to the home page.  Good luck and we look forward to assisting  you with your training.