Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING

Class Details & Outline

Class Outline

Part I: General Information on the rules and regulation for carrying a concealed firearm (Mandatory)

A) Pertinent Websites & Government Departments

B) Licensing Eligibility

C) Concealed Carry Rules and Regulations

D) Fee's and application process

E) Purchasing a firearm in the state of Florida

F) Reciprocity (What states honor the Florida CCWP

Part II: Laws, Rules & Regulations for carrying your concealed firearm in the state of Florida. (Mandatory)

A) Weapons included in the Law

B) Prohibited ammunition

C) Carrying Prohibitions

D) Your constitutional right to possess a firearm in your vehicle

E) Florida rules on carrying a firearm in your vehicle

F) Federal rules on carrying a firearm in your vehicle

G) Deadly force

H) Justifiable use of force

I) The "Home Protection Law"

J) The "Stand Your Ground Law"

K) Using deadly force to gain leverage in an argument

L) Verbal threats of force

M) Warning shots

N) Discharging a firearm in a public or residential area

O) Using a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances

P) Shoot/No Shoot scenarios

Part III: Shoot / No Shoot Scenarios (Mandatory)

A) You will be given a series of 8 shoot / no shoot scenarios.

B) After each question you'll be asked to choose a "YES" or "NO" response.

Part IV: Gun Safety Rules & Gun Maintenance (Mandatory)

A) Safety Rules

B) Safe storage of a firearm

Part V: Handgun Handling Fundamentals (Not Mandatory)

This section is not mandatory but is recommended for new shooters or people who have not handled a handgun in a while. The videos are for those using a semi-automatic handgun. Teh videos are not relevant to individuals who are suing a revolver.


A) Introduction

B) Loading your semi-automatic firearm

C) Unloading your semi-automatic firearm

D) Gripping your handgun

E) Finding your sight alignment and sight picture

F) Proper trigger finger placement

G) Cleaning your semi-automatic handgun

Part VI: Examination (Mandatory)

At the end of Part IV, you will be taken to the examination section. This is a 25-question examination to test your knowledge of what you learned. You cannot complete the class without taking a passing the examination. Don't worry, it's not that hard and you can take it as many times as you like. Once you enter the testing page enter your name and the access code provided on the examination page. Once you complete the examination the results will be sent to you and me via email. You will need a passing score of 80% (20 correct answers). If you fail the examination, simply take it again. I need this test so show proof that you went through the entire classroom portion of the instruction. Your test will become part of your record that you completed the online class portion of the certification process. You can then proceed to PART VII. I should tell you that you are not required to complete the classroom portion prior to completing the live fire exercise. You can complete the live fire exercise first. As long as you complete both requirements, you will earn your FLCCWP certificate of training.

Part VII: Live Fire Exercise (Mandatory)

Florida law (F.S.S. 790.06(2)(h)7) requires that you show proficiency with a firearm in front of a certified firearms training before you can be issued a Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. What does proficiency mean? This means that you must go to a gun range and fire your firearm with live ammunition in front of a certified firearms instructor. You must show the instructor that you can load, fire and make your firearm safe. Each instruction might have difference ways of testing proficiency, but each will include a live fire exercise.

Part VIII: Issue your personal certificate of training (Mandatory)

You will need this certificate of completion to apply for the Florida Concealed Weapon/Firearm Permit. The certificate will be emailed to you with your date of completion and the signature and license number of an official Florida licensed firearms instructor. A sample of the certificate is shown below.

If you do not plan to apply for a license you only need to complete step #1 to get your certification of training on the rules, regulations and laws to carry without a permit.

  • STEP # 1

    Sign up and take the online class. This class teaches you the laws, rules and regulations on how to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Florida. After completing the online portion, you will need to complete step #2. 

  • STEP # 2

    You must show competency with a firearm to complete the training and get your certificate (F.S.S. 790.06(2)(h)7.). After you successfully complete the class, you will be required to arrange with a certified firearms instructor to meet you at a gun range for your live fire exercise.

  • STEP # 3

    Once you complete Step #1 and #2, we will provide you with a certificate of training required by the State of Florida to apply for your state concealed carry weapons permit.  You will have several options to apply for your license.

3 Simple Steps to get your Florida CCWP License