Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q.  Will I get my Florida Concealed Carry Weapons/Firearm Permit after I finish taking this class?

       A.  No, this class is for your certificate of training.  You are required to have a certificate of training prior to applying for a state permit.  Once you complete the class and possess your certificate you can then apply for and obtain your state permit.

Q.   How old do you have to be to take this class?

       A.  There are no age requirements to take the class.  However, you cannot apply for your license until you turn 21 years old.  There is no expiration date on your certificate, but we recommend against taking the class when you are under 20.  

Q.  How do I know the certificate I get from this class meets the State of Florida Requirements?

      A.  The certificate will be signed and dated by a licensed firearms instructor with the State of Florida.  The certificate will have not only the name of the instructor, but will also have their State of Florida license number which is a state requirement.  

Q.  How long does it take to complete this class?  

     A.  The classroom portion of the class will take about 2 to 3 hours.  The live fire exercise can be completed in less than 15 minutes.  Therefore, if you plan your day correctly you can finish with everything in a few hours.  

Q.  I do not own a gun.  Can I still take the class?

     A.  Yes, you do not need to be a gun owner to take this class.  However, you will need to borrow someone's gun when you go to the gun range.  Florida issues you a carry permit and that permit is not for a certain type or caliber of weapon.  Therefore, you can qualify with a revolver and carry a semi-automatic and vice versa.

Q.  The fee for the class, what does that include?

     A.  The fee includes the classroom portion of the instruction, the examination, the certificate of completion and directions on how to applying for your permit.  The cost does not include the state licensing fee for the permit or any range costs. 

Q.  I'm not a resident of Florida, can I still take the class and get a Florida Concealed Carry Permit?

     A.  Yes, Florida is one of the few states that will issue you a Florida Concealed Carry Weapon/Firearm Permit (FLCCWP).  The permit will allow you to carry, as of today, in 31 states.  Currently, there are 5 of the 36 reciprocity states that will not honor the FLCCWP; they are Colorado, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  And of course, you can always carry in Florida no matter what state you are from with a FLCCWP.   They each have residency rules.  What does that mean?  It means they will only recognize a CCWP from the state of your residency.  For example, if you are a VA resident then they will only accept a VA CCWP.  See the reciprocity rules for full details before you apply for the class if you are from out of state.

Q.  Do I need a Florida Address to get my Florida CCWP?

     A.  No, Florida issues non-resident licenses and they will mail your permit to you wherever you reside.    

Q.  How long will it take to get my permit once I complete the class?  

     A.  If you are a State of Florida resident it could take only two weeks, but the state has 90 days to mail you your permit.  For Florida residents the best way to streamline the process and get the license quicker is to apply for your license at a local Tax Collectors Office that handles CCWP's or go to your local Florida Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing division offices which are scattered throughout the state.  If you mail in your application you could wait up to 90 days, but run time is more like 4 to 5 weeks.  For out of state residents you only have one option unless you plan to visit Florida.  Your only option is to mail in your application.  Again, it can take up the 90 days.

Q.  Why do I need to send you a copy of my Drivers License or other official government ID?

     A.  You must show proof of your identity.  We need to ensure the person taking the class is who they say they are.  We cannot give out a certificate to anyone who does not provide us with their proof of identity.  This is to stop us from issuing certificates to unauthorized individuals and individuals who are not eligible to get a permit.  We are requiring nothing less than anyone who provides this class in person.  Not to mention, you'll need to show proof of identification when you submit your application which is done via your fingerprints.  Don't worry your ID is not shared with anyone and is protected.  We also allow you to redact most of your private information on the ID if you so desire.  The only thing we need visible is your name, your photograph, your date of birth and your D.L. number.

Q. Once I finish the class how long do I have to submit my proof of firearms competency?  

     A.  There is no time limit placed on you.  We will keep your information that you completed the class and match it up with the firearm proficiency information you upload to us as soon as you get it to us.  We recommend you do it as soon as possible, but only so you can apply for your permit quicker.  

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