Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING

My name is Gregg Munroe, president and founder Sturrock Firearms Training and owner and operator of www.flccwpacademy.com, the on-line training course for your Florida Concealed Carry Permit.  

I am a retired 30 year law enforcement professional.  I began my law enforcement career as a Police Officer with a city police department is Southeast Florida in 1982.  In 1987 I joined the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) as a Special Agent.  After 23 years with NCIS I retired and began working in the private sector as a security specialist, which included duties as a certified firearms instructor.  During that time I have provided instruction to individuals who want to obtain their Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

I first became a certified firearms instructor in 1988 while with NCIS. I received my initial training and all follow-up training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy in Glynco, GA. Since 1988, until my retirement, I continued to provide NCIS Special Agents with firearms training and qualifications.

Upon retirement from NCIS I became a Florida and NRA Firearms Instructor.  In 2014, I also obtained two firearms instructor certificates of training from the National Rifle Association of America (NRA); the Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor for Handguns and the NRA Private Security Firearm Instructor Handgun. Each of these training licenses/certificates allows me to train anyone who meets the requirements to obtain their Florida Concealed Carry Firearms Permit.  Whether you are a resident of Florida or not, you can take this class and obtain your Florida Concealed Carry Permit.  All you need to be is a Citizen of the U.S.  Florida has reciprocity agreements with 35 other states so no matter where you reside, chances are if you get your Florida Concealed Carry Firearms Permits it will be good in Florida, your state or surrounding states*.  

This online course was developed as a result of many requests by my clients to make the process of obtaining a certificate of training more convenient, yet at the same time, maintain the strict training model that I currently employ during my private classes.  Recently, I have been providing instruction to numerous out-of-state residents and they too have said it would have been nice to be able to take the classroom portion online in the comfort of their home.   

Therefore, during the past year I have taken the class I have been providing to my personal clients and turned it into an online instruction class that meets the requirements of the state of Florida.  The class content and instruction is almost identical to what you would learn in my personal class.  You can feel confident this class will provide you with all the knowledge and confidence you'll need to carry a concealed firearm in the State of Florida and each of the states Florida has reciprocity.

Whether you are a resident of Florida or most any other state, you can obtain your Florida Concealed firearms permit and carry it in all 35 states Florida currently has reciprocity with.  I am very confident that you will benefit from this class.

If you want to discuss the class and your options do not hesitate to call me personally at (774) 722-4477.  You can also write to me at contactus@flccwp.com.

If you want a personal lesson, group lesson or a corporation who wants to train your staff give us a call or email us to discuss the various classes we provide.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Gregg Munroe



To provide our citizens who want to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights to bear arms quality training that will build competence and confidence to safely carry and use a firearm to protect theirs or another's life and liberty against those who would suppress or impede those rights.

Gregg Munroe,