Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING


Yes Florida Issues Non Resident Permits!

You can take this class from your home state

*The price is for the classroom portion of the training only. This does not include the cost of the permit which is $102.00 and/or any charges incurred by you at the gun range, i.e. cost of range time, ammunition, and, if needed, paying a range/firearms instructor to certify your live fire exercise. All extra costs will be the responsibility of the enrolled.  After you purchase the class you'll be given access to the online class. The total class will take up to 3 hours to complete. The course also requires you to show competency with a firearm. You must do this by going to a live fire gun range and completing the course of fire we developed for this class. It's only 12 rounds total. You can download the form and complete the live fire exercise any time. You do not need to wait until you complete the on-line class. You can download the form by going to the "Class Details" tab and click on the form download tab. Submit your form and/or video and you are done.  As soon as you complete the class, upload the required documents, you will be sent a certificate of training. You are then able to apply for your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons/Firearms Permit through the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of licensing.

Non Florida Residents:

Florida issues non-resident concealed carry weapon/firearm permits to any U.S. citizen no matter what state you are a resident.  As long as you are a U.S. Citizen and over 21 years old, you can get a Florida permit.  

The issue is not if Florida will give you the permit the issue is what states besides Florida will accept your Florida permit.  There are six (6) states of the 37 for which Florida has reciprocity that will not accept a Florida Concealed Carry Permit unless you are a Florida resident.   The remaining  states accept the permit.  See the list below for your state.  See the list of reciprocity states and their rules and regulations by clicking HERE.

Reciprocity States who:

Accept non-resident Permits

Do not accept non-resident Permit

Florida             Montana

Alabama          Nebraska
Alaska             New Mexico
Arizona            North Carolina
Arkansas         North Dakota
Delaware         Ohio
Georgia           Oklahoma
Idaho               South Dakota
Indiana            Tennessee
Iowa                Texas 
Kansas           Utah
Kentucky        Vermont
Louisiana       Virginia
Mississippi     West Virginia
Missouri          Wyoming

Nevada                Wisconsin

We are not responsible for the information provided on these third party websites.  They are used because they are a good source of information in a condensed format.  To obtain the best and most accurate information you must visit the official state website.  No other sites, including this one, should be the final and definitive source due to the ever changing and fluid rules, laws and regulations for each state.   

This website is mobile friendly.  You can take the class on your cellphone, tablet or computer or switch between them all.