Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING


Everyone must download and review the Firearms Qualification Reporting Form (FQRF) by clicking HERE or on the image to the right.  Bring this form with you to the gun range and follow the qualification course of fire.  The firearms instructor you use must witness your qualification and he/she must sign the form.  


Once all the information is submitted and reviewed and approved, your CERTIFICATE OF TRAINING will be emailed to the email address you provided us. 
QUESTIONS:  Call (774) 722-4477 or

Email:  contactus@flccwp.com

Everyone MUST!

Download Firearms Qualification Form

I will witness your course of fire



  1. Set up a date, time and location for your live fire exercise with me.
  2. Print out and bring the FQRF and I will complete it at the range.
  3. I charge $45.00 for this portion of the class will include my time plus the below:  
     Range time:   $15.00
     Eye/Ear rental:  $5.00
     Target:  $1.00
     Ammunition:  $5.00
  4. If you want to bring your own firearm and it's not a 9mm, you'll need to also bring your own ammunition.  You'll need 12 rounds total.  

(All gun ranges will have licensed firearms instructors.  All costs for the instructor and all range expenses are the responsibility of the student.) 


Solicit the help of a certified firearms instructor.


  1. Provide the FQRF to the instructor and have him/her witness you complete the course of fire.
  2. Have the instructor read you the "Instructions" for the course of fire and make sure he/she fills out the form completely.
  3. We will call the instructor's place of employment to confirm he/she is a certified instructor.
  4. Make sure the form is filled out completely. Then email it to contactus@flccwp.com. In the subject block of the email write your full name and the wording, "Firearm Qualification Results". Attach the form and send.
  5. You will get a response that we received the form.
  6. Once we confirm the information on the form and confirm that you completed the online class we will email you your certificate of training. 
  7. You can then apply for your Florida Concealed Carry Weapons/Firearms Permit.
  8. Expect to pay for the services of the range instructor and all range expenses.

Read this very important message prior to signing up for the class.  Per Chapter 790.06, a firearms instructor must witness you safely handle and discharge the firearm and this must be done in their presence.  Therefore, prior to signing up for this class and I'm not available to witness your firearms proficiency routine, locate a local gun range and ask them if they have an instructor willing to witness you complete the course of fire and sign off on the FQRF.  You should expect to compensate the instructor for their time to witness you complete the course.  It will also be in your best interest to ask the firearms instructor to provide you with basic handgun handling and firing instruction if you are not familiar with firing and handling a firearm.  If you do not own a firearm you can also rent firearms at the gun range.  



Using a firearms Instructor to witness your live fire exercise.


Of the $45.00 charged, I will be paying on average $26.00 to the range for the live fire exercise.