Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit ONLINE TRAINING

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Why this training?

"I wanted to provide people with a efficient and effective way to not only apply for and obtain their Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, but  I wanted to develop a class and training tool to ensure a good learning experience that will instill confidence in the gun owner."

"I am a retired NCIS Special Agent.  I've been in Law Enforcement for 30 years.  During that entire time I have been carrying, training with and training others on all types of firearms.  Since 1988 I have been a certified firearms instructor, mainly teaching and qualifying NCIS Special Agents.  Now, I  want to safely train you.  

"I  created a comprehensive learning experience that will allow individuals an opportunity to train in the comfort of their home.  We will concentrate on the laws and general rules of carrying a concealed firearm.  We will discuss safety and the proper handling of a firearm.  We will  fulfill the State of Florida training requirement by  incorporating your live fire training by a licensed firearms instructor.

Are you an out of state resident.  It's okay, you can still take the class and obtain a Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

 *Please check your state regulations prior to taking the class to ensure no laws have been changed or restrictions instituted.

** The following states will not honor a Florida Concealed Carry Permit unless you are a resident of Florida:  Colorado, ​Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.  The remianing states will accept a Florida CCWP.

*** You'll get you certificate immediately after completing the on-line class and the live fire exercise.  This can all be done in a few hours.  

*Anyone can take this class, it's not just for Florida residents.  No matter what state you reside you can get a Florida Firearms Permit.  Take this on-line class which is required prior to applying for your Florida Concealed Carry Weapon/Firearm Permit.  The Florida Concealed Carry Permit is currently accepted in 36 states.  **Click on the Map below to find out which states have reciprocity with Florida.  If you have questions prior to signing up for the class write to us at contactus@ccwpacademy.com

Class Cost is Only:  $35.00

Class Details & Outline

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I want a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit 

I do not want a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit - BUT I want to learn the laws, rules and regulations before I carry a concealed firearm without a permit

Three Step Process:

One Step Process:

Step #1:  Take the Online Course

Step #2:  Complete the Live Fire Exercise

Step #3:  Get your certificate to apply for the Florida Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

Step #1:  Take the Online Course

Your class will cover the following topics and much more:

- Weapons Included in the Law
- Prohibited Ammunition
- Carrying Prohibition
- Deadly Force
- Justifiable Use of Force
- Home Protection “Popular term is Castle Doctrine”
- Florida “Stand Your Ground” Law
- Using a firearm as leverage in an argument
- Verbal threats of Force

- Warning Shots

- Using a firearm while under the influence

- Shoot/No Shoot Scenarios

You will get a certificate of completion.  If you decide you want to obtain your license simply complete the live fire exercise.

CCWP gun certificate of training
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